Monday, October 31, 2011

Ceremony Pictures!

So I've had my wedding pictures back for a few weeks now and I have tons!!  I love that I have so many so I can see it from every angle.  I've felt so overwhelmed on which ones to put on here so I've delayed posting them.  I finally went through the ceremony pictures and chose a few of my favorites.  It was a quiet ceremony with 16 guests.  My brother Jon officiated the ceremony and my other brother Andy videotaped it.  With my cousin Jenni taking pictures we were set! Here are a few of my favorite.

Notice both of our mothers on the right side.....  I'll have to admit they held it together very well!

Walking down the isle with my dad to "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol

I love this one!!

Putting the ring on my finger

Getting ready......

I love my hubby

The announcement of the couple!

The string trio that played for our wedding

Walking back down the isle to "All You Need is Love" by the Beatles

So excited to be Mr. & Mrs. Newberry

So after the ceremony we hopped on a golf cart and our photographer hopped in another one.  We drove around the golf course to take some gorgeous pictures.  They will come soon I promise!!

P.S.  Do you like the new layout?!?   I DO!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Blogging 101

So as I'm sure you can tell I'm pretty new to this blogging thing but very excited!!  Tomorrow I'm meeting with my amazing, crafty, creative, cousin Jenni and she's going to help me spruce it up!  Can't wait to see my favorite family in Goodyear!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Hair

So after a while of debating on it, I decided to chop my hair off and go short!  I already had pretty short hair but this is to the extreme and I really love it!  It will be so much easier , especially when I get up at 3:40 am for work!  Can't wait to keep trying new styles with it!

The front

And the back

Sunday, October 16, 2011

We were takin a bath!

When we got back from the honeymoon we got our Maltese, Abby, back from Grandma & Grandpa's house. Boy did she need a bath!  We'd gotten some puppy bath towels from the wedding and wanted to try them out!  Now Abby doesn't hate the water but she doesn't love it either.  She smells soooo good afterwards though so I love them!

Right before she went in the water

Trying to escape!

We gave her a mini mohawk when she was all soaped up. We have to keep her occupied or she'll try to jump out!

Using the puppy drying towels we got.  They work great and Abby was very happy to be drying off!

Luckily we don't have to give her baths very often as she gets groomed at Petsmart.  In between groomings though she tends to get a little scruffy looking!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So the day after we got married we flew away to the Bahamas.  It was a perfect week of relaxing and lounging!  We went swimming with dolphins, ate great food, got a tan, and met some awesome couples.  My favorite part was having breakfast in bed delivered every single day!  Here are a few of my favorite pictures......

Right away I knew it would be a good trip.  This is the Roles Royce that picked us up from the airport!

Our first breakfast of the trip.  They set it up for us on our balcony.  Everyone after that was eaten in bed.  It usually was our wake up call!

The water was so blue everywhere!

Our butlers would leave us surprises on our bed.  This was was an elephant. We got everything from hearts to stingrays!

We always had a good time going out to dinner.  Kimono's was great!!

A little action shot........

My favorite!  

The friday before we left they had a Junkanoo party at the resort.  This is a huge parade that happens a few times every year.  They had some crazy costumes!

Our butlers would reserve us chairs every morning by the pool or beach.  I LOVED that they said Mr. & Mrs. Newberry!  I had to get a picture!

Overall this was an amazing trip.  I would highly suggest it to anyone wanting to go.  We can't wait to go back for a 10 year anniversary! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And we're married!

On October 1st, I got married to the love of my life Will.  AND after admiring my cousin Jenni's blog for a few years now I am determined to create my own.  In the blog I want to share my life with my husband.  My cousin is super crafty and my mom is amazing at scrapbooking so I'm hoping to become a good mixture of them both!  Let's see where this goes!!

So my crafty cousin is also an amazing photographer (she pretty much is the do it all woman).  She's given me a few pictures from the wedding so I'll show a few.  We got a few of the ideas from pinterest, which was a great find!

This was my something blue. I loved it!

This one is my favorite.  It shows all sides of us and we are complete goofballs together.  Definitely an original!

More wedding pictures to come soon!