Thursday, November 17, 2011

Moving on Up!

I know it's been a few weeks and I'm sorry!  I have been busy with my travels back to NE (more to come on that soon) and getting promoted!!!  I have been working for Enterprise Rent a Car for 1 year and 11 months and I've hit the branch manager position!  1 big reason I wanted this was because I get a company car (if anyone is looking for a vehicle we have a 2010 kia optima for sale!)!!!

So last Monday I was meeting with my boss to talk about my upcoming interview when I found out it would be the next morning.  I had definitely researched the position and done my homework but I was still pretty nervous.  The next morning I had to be at work at 4:30 am so I worked until 8:30ish and then took off for the interview.  It went well but for some reason I didn't have good feelings about it afterwards.  There were 2 other people interviewing and they had both been with the company for at least 6 months longer than I'd been.  I knew I had a good track record with the company so I was hoping both that and my ideas to make the location even better would pay off.  They told me I'd hear by 1 pm the next day as that's when I was leaving for my vacation.  Well 1 pm came and went and by the time I went to bed that night still no call!  I woke up the next day and didn't really think too much about it.  I was on vacation and wasn't going to spend it staring at my phone!  That afternoon my mom and I walked into Von Maur and my phone rang.  It was them calling to tell me if I got the position or not.  After about 5 minutes of talking they told me I was in!!!!  I was so happy and could then enjoy my vacation worry free! I started yesterday morning and am feeling more in the swing of things after a couple days.  I really like who I am working with and can't wait to learn and grow even more!!!

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  1. Woohoooo! Congratulations! What kinda car do you get to drive?!