Thursday, December 1, 2011


So I had a random day off from work and decided to spend it crafting away!  My mom came down to the valley to help out and we made an entire day of it!  First stop was goodwill to get a few shirts/sweaters.  You'll see why the sweaters came in handy in a bit.  Next was JoAnn' recent favorite store!!  I could spend hours in there which is why I usually bring a list of what I need.  Way to time consuming otherwise.  So after we got everything we needed we headed back home to begin working!  I've recently been on quite a bit and if you haven't discovered it, you MUST!!  I have gotten so many amazing ideas from pinterest and really enjoy seeing things that others have created.  Here are some pictures of the items we made today!

So this is where the goodwill sweaters came in handy.  You just cut off the sleeve and sew on a base (I used plain white fabric).  So easy and super cute for the winter.  

Here's a link to where I found this awesome idea!

So my cousin Jenni made these a while ago and I thought they were super cute.  Now these two are going to be Christmas Presents but I'm not saying who just in case they find this site!!

This was very easy to complete but turned out great.  I did buy a snowflake ornament to put on top of my tree which helped to finish it off!  So the link is for a wreath but instead of buying a Styrofoam wreath, buy a Styrofoam tree!

This is the final finished project of the day.  It took many a days to finish (and a little help from mom) but it turned out awesome!  It's my first pillow and first sewing machine experience.  Even after a few problems and having mom come to the rescue, I think I'll try another pillow again soon!  The website I found this tutorial from was amazing.  She has so many neat things to create!! 

So all and all it was a very busy day!  I even have one more project underway but it's not done and I want to show off the final pictures when it is!  


  1. Check out my lil crafty cousin! So proud of you! Love all that you created, especially that pillow.

  2. I've been meaning to comment for awhile!!! Anyway! Love the crafts! How fun! Adam LOVES his pillow mat.

    How cute that our blogs are so closely titled! I'm life with the Dokulils! -