Monday, January 23, 2012

Making some Vases

So I took a few days off of work and decided to do some crafting again!  I hadn't don't much since Christmas and realized how much I'd been missing it!  I've seen vases like these on Pinterest but much bigger.  They took some time to do but were so worth it!

Items needed: Vases, yarn, hot glue gun, & glue

Start gluing the yarn onto the vase.  Just work around the vase and glue every so often so that the yarn stays in place.  Like I'd said, this part is very time consuming but worth it at the end!  I have a window in my guest shower which is where I put them.  I only made three and it took about 2 hours.  Great to do while watching a movie with the hubby! =)  I also bought some flowers to put in the vases (fake of course!) which gave me the complete package!

I took a picture of them in the window but you couldn't see them well.  I love them and will be making more soon!

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